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Important message : consular service

 Kindly note there will be no consular services between Sunday July 25th  and Sunday August 8th .

The concerned services are:

  • Request certificates
  • Nortarial deed
  • Annex 32
  • Legalization


The Belgian Embassy will be closed on following day in August:

  • Sunday August 15th

The Belgian Embassy in Abu Dhabi receives visitors only by appointment on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. They can only be requested  online by this link:

!!! 1 appointment per service and per person
ex. a family of 3 that wants to apply for 3 passports need to book 3 seperate appointments
ex. a belgian citizen that wants to activate an ID card and apply for a new passeport has to book 2 seperate appointments

Registration - ONLY ONLINE via website ! (except registration newborn per appointment)

The consulate--general offers the possibility to register you directly online in the consular population register via the belgian id card per below link:

link online registration

The Embassy requests its visitors to use the public parking  (around the Sofitel hotel or next to the Sheraton hotel accessible via the underpass). Valet parking at Sofitel hotel is possible at your own cost.


Travel to Belgium - COVID measures - Update 12/07/2021


Measures for travel to Belgium from 1 July and the EU Digital COVID Certificate

For persons who do not have the nationality of a country of the EU or of the Schengen zone: the restrictions  continue to apply and only essential travel is allowed. You can find all information on essential travel and requirements on www.info-coronavirus.be/en/travels-outside-eu-schengen/ .The travel ban will be monitored for road, air, sea and rail traffic and sanctions for violations applied.

In regards to the recognition of vaccine certificates for travelers, Belgium primarily looks to the European Commission. When the European Commission recognizes a vaccination certificate from a third country, this third country vaccination certificate will be declared equivalent to the EU digital COVID certificate.  There is currently no timeline for recognition of the UAE vaccine certificate.

For persons having the nationality of a country of the EU or of the Schengen zone: travel to Belgium is permitted, however, it is strongly discouraged. You must fulfill a number of requirements that you can find at the second part of the page ‘I do not live in Belgium’ on http://www.info-coronavirus.be/en/travels/ and please also note the following elements:

1/        Traveling from a red zone (inside or outside the Schengen zone)

Anyone from the age of 12 who travels to Belgium from a red zone and does not have a primary residence in Belgium, must have:

- either a negative test result of a test taken at the earliest 72 hours before arrival in Belgium,
- either a vaccination, test or recovery certificate, meaning:

* either the EU Digital COVID Certificate
* either a certificate from a third country that is considered equivalent by the European Commission on the basis of implementing acts, or by Belgium on the basis of bilateral agreements.


- vaccination certificate: the vaccination certificate must indicate a complete vaccination, i.e. vaccination with a vaccine approved by the European Medicines Agency (EMA) and of which all doses of the vaccine have been administered for at least 2 weeks. In practice, most Belgians residing in third countries are currently unable to prove their vaccination in the requested manner

- vaccines approved by the EMA: the vaccines approved by the EMA are currently the Pfizer, Moderna, Janssen and Vaxzevria (formerly Astrazeneca) vaccine. You can find this information on COVID-19 vaccines | European Medicines Agency (europa.eu)

- test certificate: the test certificate indicates that a NAAT test (PCR test) was performed no more than 72 hours before arrival on Belgian territory.

2/        Register vaccination abroad in Vaccinnet in Belgium

For below persons that have been vaccinated in the UAE, the vaccination can be registered in Vaccinnet at express request of this person:

  • a Belgian national, or
  • a person with primary residence in Belgium, or
  • is a partner or child living together with a Belgian or a person with primary residence in Belgium, or
  • studies or works in Belgium

The registration is performed by the attending physician based in Belgium (usually a general practitioner) on the basis of the available data. Belgians abroad can ask their doctor in Belgium to complete their medical file. The vaccinated person must provide their national identification number and reliable proof that gives the necessary information. The vaccine administered must either be a vaccine authorized by the European Medicines Agency  (at the moment: Comirnaty (Pfizer), Janssen, Spikevax (Moderna) and Vaxzevria (AsraZeneca)) or Covishield, the variant produced in India of Vaxzevria.

3/        BE COVID Certificate

An EU Digital COVID Certificate can be issued to:

1. any person vaccinated outside Belgium AND

2. about whom vaccination data are available in Vaccinnet AND

3. who, based on the vaccination data available in Vaccinnet, can be considered as fully vaccinated according to a vaccination schedule recognized in Belgium.

Please note also that travelers will still have to fill in the Passenger Locator Form (PLF) and indicate where he/she stayed during the 14 days prior to the trip to Belgium.

Travelers who were in a zone that was red at that time during those 14 days must be quarantined upon arrival in Belgium and must be tested.

For the latest information and most recent updates, please consult  Home | Coronavirus COVID-19 (info-coronavirus.be)

Upcoming: Vaccination of partially vaccinated Belgians and Belgians vaccinated with a non-EMA recognized vaccine

In the near future any person whose vaccination data can be registered in Vaccinnet (see supra) and who has been vaccinated in a country outside the EU with a vaccine not recognized by Belgium or that have received only a partial vaccination , can receive a full vaccination with an authorized vaccine offered at a later point in the Belgian vaccination campaign (probably later this summer).

More information about travelling to Belgium can be found also on Travelling to and from abroad| Coronavirus COVID-19 (info-coronavirus.be) tab I don't live in Belgium.

Important messsage to the Belgian compatriots - update 01.06.2021

Visa applications can be submitted at  our outsourcing partner”VFS Global” in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

This means that every visa applicant will have to make an appointment through  the website (www.vfsglobal.com/Belgium/UAE) and lodge their files at:


           Level B2 (Lower Ground), The Mall, World Trade Centre,
           Khalifa Bin Zayed The 1st Street (Airport Road)
           Abu Dhabi, UAE
           Tel. 971-4-2055716

Wafi Mall, Level 2
Falcon Phase 2
Umm Hurair 2
Tel. 971-4-2055716

In accordance with the Visa Code, every visa applicant reserves the right to submit his or her visa application directly at the Belgian Embassy or Consulate competent for his/her place of residence. In order to do so, the applicant is required to schedule an appointment by email.

Processing time of a visa application for studies

It is recommended that the student applies for a visa as soon as possible and ideally before Friday 30 July 2021.

According to Article 34 of Directive 2016/801, the decision must be taken at the latest within 90 days from the date of submission of the complete request. Although this deadline is not yet written into the Act of 15 December 1980, the Aliens Office is doing its utmost to make its decision within the deadline set out in the Directive. As the deadline for enrolment in all higher education institutions is 31 October, a complete visa application should therefore be submitted ideally before 30 July 2021.
Given the large volume of visa applications to be processed in a short period of time, the Immigration Office cannot guarantee that a decision will be made on a date that will allow the student applicant who has submitted his or her visa application after 30 July 2021, to travel to Belgium and enrol in a higher education institution before the weekend of 30 & 31 October 2021


Dear compatriots,

Up to the present the political competences with regard to the Sultanate of Oman have been exercised by our Embassy in Riyadh, whereas the consular competences have been exercised  by the Embassy of Belgium in Abu Dhabi  and this in order to provide a more efficient service due to the proximity of our Embassy.  Referring to the Vienna Convention, the Omani authorities opposed to this split of competences.  Belgium was therefore obliged to transfer the consular authority again to the Embassy in Riyadh. This was done by Royal Decree of 27 February 2019.

Consequently this means that you are registered again at the Embassy in Riyadh. For all consular services such as the application for passports, identity cards and certificates you should contact:

Riyadh Embassy
Diplomatic quarter Main Road 2 Lot n ° A2
11693 Riyadh
Saudi Arabia

P.O. Box 94396 - Diplomatic Quarter

T: +966 11 488 28 88
F: +966 11 488 20 33

Emergency number outside opening hours: +966 505 693 459


It is however still possible to apply for passport at  the Embassy of Abu Dhabi or any other consular post or even at a Belgian municipality. Here you will find all the necessary information about obtaining a Belgian passport.

Important message with regards to the payment of the consular fees


Prior payment for visa and other consular fees will be required.

  • at the counter by credit of debit card
  • by cash deposit on the account of the Embassy at any branch of the FAB (First Abu Dhabi Bank)
  • by transfer

Bank Information:      FAB UAE
Branch:                       Main Branch
Address:                     UAE, Abu Dhabi, One NBAD Tower, Sheikh Khalifa Street
Account Name:          Embassy of The Kingdom Of Belgium
Account Number:      1411003539790034
IBAN:                          AE390351411003539790034
SWIFT:                        NBADAEAAXXX
Account Currency:    AED

Your name, surname and telephone number will be required when making the payment. Please mention your name and not that of the person acting on your behalf.

Please find on this page the list of the consular services with corresponding fees as from March 15th, 2021.

Please find on this page the list of the consular services with corresponding fees until March 15th, 2021. 

Always check if you are not subject to one of the payment exceptions.

Only payments of the full amount with clear indication of the information as above, will be accepted. In the event of announcement of modification of fees by the Belgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the difference will have to be adjusted or refunded.


For following services the proof of payment can be sent by mail, together with the application:

  • ID-card for Belgian citizens
  • Certificates for Belgian citizens
  • Passports for Belgian citizens under the age of 6
    ATTENTION: Only Belgians which are registered at the Embassy can apply for a passport.



03 Aug

On 4 August, French President Macron and the United Nations will hold a third international donor conference to raise funds for emergency aid for the Lebanese people. The video conference will take place exactly one year after the tragic explosion that ravaged the port of Beirut and caused a lot of casualties. The explosion came on top of institutional and socio-economic crises in Lebanon that have only worsened since then.

02 Aug

At its meeting on May 25, 2021, the European Council supported equitable global access to COVID-19 vaccines and welcomed the leadership of the Covax mechanism in this regard. The EU's goal is to donate at least 100 million doses by the end of the year, as well as to help build local production capacity. In this context, Prime Minister Alexander De Croo announced that Belgium's goal is to donate 4 million doses by the end of 2021.

02 Aug

Wouter Poels is the new Deputy Spokesperson at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation. He succeeds Karl Lagatie who will take up his new role at the Permanent Representation to the United Nations in New York this summer.

30 Jul

July 30 marks the International Day against Human Trafficking, a global phenomenon that concerns every country in the world, including Belgium. Human trafficking can take many forms, such as sexual or economic exploitation, and even involve the sale of organs. However, it always bereaves victims of their human dignity and places them in unbearable, humiliating and degrading situations.

30 Jul

At the Global Education Summit on July 28 and 29 in London, with the theme "Raise your hand," Minister of Development Cooperation and Major Cities Policy Meryame Kitir announced a Belgian contribution to the 2021-2025 work plan of Global Partnership for Education. GPE is an international fund that promotes universal access to education for both girls and boys and is currently active in some 90 countries.