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The Embassy of Belgium will be closed on Tuesday July 21st 2020 on the occasion of the National holiday of Belgium.

**** 06/07 -  UPDATE ****


1/ Mandatory form for Extra-Schengen air travel to Belgium 'Public Health Passenger Locator Form’

Every passenger on an Extra-Schengen flight to Belgium is obliged to complete this "Public Health Passenger Locator Form" prior to travel. Boarding will be refused if this document is not present. On arrival in Belgium, the form must be handed over to the designated authorities at the border. This is a sanitary measure imposed by the Federal Public Service Health, Food Chain Safety and Environment.
Further information can be found on the form itself. You can find more details on https://dofi.ibz.be/sites/dvzoe/EN/Pages/Travel-to-Belgium.aspx

2/ Travel to Belgium coming from third countries (= countries who are not part of the EU or the Schengen area):

All non-essential travels are prohibited.

The travel restrictions do not apply to:

  • Nationals of EU Member States and Schengen Member States;
  • Family members of nationals of an EU Member State or Schengen Member State, provided they actually hold the documents required for entry into the territory and they can prove their status as family members via documentation;
  • Third-country nationals who are in possession of a residence card or D-visa (for example for students or highly qualified workers) enabling them entry into Schengen area.
  • Third-country nationals with a nationality included on the list of third countries, which will (as soon as a formal decision has been taken by the Belgian authorities) be published on the website of the Belgian Federal Public Service Foreign Affairs https://diplomatie.belgium.be/en. In addition, these third-country nationals must fall within the scope of the measures.

More detailed information on the scope of the restrictions can be found on the website of the European Union

On the website of the Belgian Crisis Centre you will find further information about whether or not a travel is essential and which sanitary regulations must be complied with when you can still travel. This information is available in English, Dutch, French or German.

You can consult also contact the embassy on abudhabi@diplobel.fed.be should you have further queries, authorities in Belgium take ultimately the decision on granting access to the Belgian territory

UPDATE - 02/07/2020 

Cet avis est uniquement formulé en langue anglaise. Pour toute question ou tout renseignement, n’hésitez pas à nous envoyer un message dans votre langue. Nous vous répondrons dès que possible.

Dit advies is uitsluitend in het Engels geformuleerd. Aarzelt u niet om ons voor elke vraag of informatie een bericht te sturen in uw taal. Wij zullen u zo spoedig mogelijk antwoorden.

On June 29th, the EU adopted a recommendation regarding travel to the EU. This recommendation identifies 15 countries for which restrictions will gradually be lifted as well as other measures to facilitate travel to the EU. This is a recommendation: Member States need to formulate their own policy within the framework of the commonly agreed rules and limits. For instance, they can allow travel from only some of the 15 identified countries, but cannot decide to add other countries not on the list. This list would be reviewed every 2 weeks.

On July 1st, the Belgian Government has decided to delay the implementation of the recommendation till July 7th. This means that the present situation of travel restrictions to Belgium remains as it was before July 1st, with some exceptions as mentioned below.

Please note that different EU countries apply different rules. The fact that your country of residence allows you to travel somewhere does not imply that the country of destination allows your entry. If you travel through different countries, you need to check for every country the specific rules of entry and possible conditions.

The Embassy would like to reiterate the main elements regarding travel to Belgium:

ONLY Border control determines whether a person can enter the country. 
Always keep the necessary documentation as mentioned below. For those travelling to other European cities, please check the travel advisories of your country of destination before booking as multiple countries have border controls and limit movement.

ONLY the UAE authorities determines if and when UAE residents can leave from, and return back to the UAE. 
Currently no guarantee can be given that you can swiftly return to the UAE when leaving the country. As is the case for other countries, the UAE decides on its policy in function of the evolution of the Covid-19 pandemic and will take action accordingly.

Who can enter Belgium?

  • Belgian nationals are always able to return to Belgium. They need their valid Belgian passport.
  • All EU nationals and nationals of Schengen member States are also allowed to the Belgian territory based on a valid passport, irrespective of their place of residence;
  • All family members of EU or Schengen citizens on condition that they are in possession of the necessary documents in function of their status to enter the Belgian territory and can prove their relationship of family member on the basis of documentary proof;
  • Citizens of third (non EU or Schengen) countries in the possession of a valid Schengen residence permit or a D-visa;
  • Citizens of third countries that are mentioned on the list of third countries which will be published on the website of the Belgian Foreign Ministry (https://diplomatie.belgium.be/nl), in as far as these persons fall under the scope of the exception.

Belgium remains closed for tourism and non-essential travel from outside the EU and Schengen zones.

Up-to-date information can be found on the website https://dofi.ibz.be/sites/dvzoe/EN/Pages/Travel-to-Belgium.aspx 

Who can transit through Belgium?

Non-EU nationals can transit through Belgium on their way towards their country of citizenship and residence under certain conditions:

  • Make sure that you are permitted to travel towards your country of citizenship/residence/destination and if so under which conditions. If you have any doubt contact the Embassy of the country you are travelling to.
  • Documents that are at least required at the Belgian border: passport, proof of residence (and residence card for non-EU citizens) and proof of your travel home (connecting flight ticket).
  • Transit through connecting flights for people who are neither an EU national nor an EU resident is possible if accepted by the authorities of the final destination.
  • Overstay (above 24h) in the transit zone awaiting a connecting flight is not allowed. Staying in a hotel awaiting the connecting flight or train is subject to prior approval by Border control, based on a confirmed reservation. 

How can you travel to Belgium?

Apart from Etihad and Emirates, more airline companies are resuming a normal travel schedule to various destinations in Europe. We refer to their respective websites for all relevant information regarding bookings and conditions. Please know that the Embassy cannot help you with reservations. The Embassy is not informed beforehand about commercial flights: we recommend you to check the airlines’ websites regularly and ensure yourselves that the flights are not merely planned but actually confirmed.

Points of attention for your travel

The Embassy cannot deliver attestations for your travel. You are advised to take all necessary documentation with you to prove at all times your travel plans and access authorizations where needed. Keep the proof of your travel also after you have travelled. Travel to and from an airport in the UAE is possible.

The UAE has issued certain conditions for residents to travel. Whereas residents are allowed to travel to their country of origin and back and has also identified a number of essential travel categories, non-essential and leisure travel seems not possible for the time being. Travel is subject to prior approval by the Federal Authority on Identity and Citizenship through its website and Smart Travel application. It is the responsibility of every traveler from the UAE to strictly abide by any rule, in particular regarding prior approval to leave and return, as well as Covid-19 testing requirements before leaving or for entering the UAE. Hence, always keep up to date with government measures directly or through the website of the airlines, and follow instructions of authorities at all times.

Face masks, gloves and practicing social distance remain a must. Disrespect of this will lead to refusal to board the plane. Thermal screening at the airport is in place. If you are sick: do not travel and follow the advice of the authorities.

For those returning to Belgium, please keep yourselves informed about the situation by consulting the websites mentioned below.

Visa activity

Although Belgium’s borders remain closed until July 7th, Belgium accepts as of July 1st travel for essential purposes such as students, highly skilled workers, seafarers, participants in international meetings and non-EU family members. They are at present considered on a case-by-case basis for approval by the Belgian Authorities who will assess the case and issue their decision through the Embassy. The Embassy can at this point not take any decision itself.

Upon approval from the Belgian Authorities, applicants can submit their visa application to the local VFS office according to the normal procedure.

Embassy opening hours and urgent consular requests

The Corona crisis also has consequences for the functioning of the Belgian Embassy as well as for the staff of the Embassy and their families. Embassy staff falls under the restrictions on work and movement imposed by the local as well as Belgian Authorities.

The Embassy keeps working with rotating teams, with one team present and one team working from home. Only Belgian citizens can visit the Embassy, strictly upon prior appointment between 9 AM and 12 PM. Normal working hours are in place.

All consular services are exclusively done at the Embassy in Abu Dhabi. The Embassy has no possibility to do this in Dubai.

The Embassy remains available by email (abudhabi@diplobel.fed.be (link sends e-mail)) for urgent questions. The emergency phone is only available for urgent cases (050-441.34.60). You can also find general information on our web page.

Belgian Residents in the UAE blocked outside of the UAE

Since June 1st, the UAE accepts UAE residents stranded abroad to return home subject to prior authorization and based on priorities. All residents wishing to do so must register with the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (smartservices.ica.gov.ae ). Upon approval, they can book their flight. Special rules apply upon return to the UAE with regards to testing and quarantine.

Please note that the Embassy cannot assist you with this procedure: Access to the UAE is a sole competence and responsibility of the UAE authorities. If you leave the UAE, it depends entirely on the UAE whether you can return and on which terms.

To all Belgians in the UAE

The Embassy is closely following the situation around Corona with the local authorities and coordinating with the European Union Delegation and European colleagues. We recommend that you stay well informed through the federal institutions  or local authorities (Abu Dhabi , Dubai) and the press, and to follow any instructions or recommendations from the government in this regard.

As mentioned before, the UAE allows residents to travel as of June 23 and has published lists of countries to which travel is allowed as such, or on certain conditions. For each of these countries, it is imperative to check whether they allow entry for passengers coming from the UAE. If a country figures on the ‘green list’, it does not mean that such country accepts travelers from the UAE.

The Embassy asks for your understanding that the situation is changing rapidly and that new information pops up constantly. You are therefore urged to regularly consult primary sources of information, like the websites of the main airline companies and for official communications the Emirates News Agency WAM . You are expressly requested to be extremely careful with false and fake news from unreliable sources.

The general travel advice can be consulted on the following link: https://diplomatie.belgium.be

For travel to Belgium, please consult the website of the FPS Health and overview on:


We urge you to follow at all times the recommendations and guidelines of the Emirati government and to strictly adhere to the restrictions imposed. For residents in this country, the Emirati government is primarily responsible for your safety and wellbeing


Following recent developments in the Middle East, there is an increased level of tensions in the region. The Embassy closely follows these developments. Belgians in the United Arab Emirates are advised to keep abreast of the latest state of affairs. Stay alert and always follow the instructions of the local authorities. As always, we recommend that Belgian tourists register on www.travellersonline.diplomatie.be.

For the travel advice regarding the United Arab Emirates, we refer to https://diplomatie.belgium.be/en/services/travelling_abroad


Attention! Please note that due to the Corona - Covid 19 no Schengen visa applications can be submitted until 30 June (included)

Are you a Belgian who has recently moved to the United Arab Emirates and would like to register with the Embassy in Abu Dhabi? Did you lose your passport while you were travelling through the United Arab Emirates as a tourist? Do you need to request a visa in order to travel to Belgium? Then you’ve come to the right address.

This website will keep you up to date on consular matters that are specifically applicable to Belgians in the United Arab Emirates, current events in Belgian foreign policy and other useful information or events. 

Visa applications can be submitted at  our outsourcing partner”VFS Global” in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

The European Heads of State and Government decided on March 17th to temporarily close the external borders for non-essential trips by third-country nationals.

This means that visa applications can no longer be received and issued until further notice and no visas can be issued. The temporary travel restriction should apply for 30 days. Any possible prolongation of this period should be assessed depending on further developments. Exceptionally only EU spouses can still apply at VFS as of tomorrow 19.03.2020.

This means that every visa applicant will have to make an appointment through  the website (www.vfsglobal.com/Belgium/UAE) and lodge their files at:


           Level B2 (Lower Ground), The Mall, World Trade Centre,
           Khalifa Bin Zayed The 1st Street (Airport Road)
           Abu Dhabi, UAE
           Tel. 971-4-2055716

Wafi Mall, Level 2
Falcon Phase 2
Umm Hurair 2
Tel. 971-4-2055716

In accordance with the Visa Code, every visa applicant reserves the right to submit his or her visa application directly at the Belgian Embassy or Consulate competent for his/her place of residence. In order to do so, the applicant is required to schedule an appointment by email.


Dear compatriots,

Up to the present the political competences with regard to the Sultanate of Oman have been exercised by our Embassy in Riyadh, whereas the consular competences have been exercised  by the Embassy of Belgium in Abu Dhabi  and this in order to provide a more efficient service due to the proximity of our Embassy.  Referring to the Vienna Convention, the Omani authorities opposed to this split of competences.  Belgium was therefore obliged to transfer the consular authority again to the Embassy in Riyadh. This was done by Royal Decree of 27 February 2019.

Consequently this means that you are registered again at the Embassy in Riyadh. For all consular services such as the application for passports, identity cards and certificates you should contact:

Riyadh Embassy
Diplomatic quarter Main Road 2 Lot n ° A2
11693 Riyadh
Saudi Arabia

P.O. Box 94396 - Diplomatic Quarter

T: +966 11 488 28 88
F: +966 11 488 20 33

Emergency number outside opening hours: +966 505 693 459


It is however still possible to apply for passport at  the Embassy of Abu Dhabi or any other consular post or even at a Belgian municipality. Here you will find all the necessary information about obtaining a Belgian passport.

Important message with regards to the payment of the consular fees


Prior payment for visa and other consular fees will be required.

  • at the counter by credit of debit card
  • by cash deposit on the account of the Embassy at any branch of the FAB (First Abu Dhabi Bank)

Bank Information: FAB (First Abu Dhabi Bank) UAE
Account Number:  1411003539790034
Account Currency: AED

Your name, surname and telephone number will be required when making the payment. Please mention your name and not that of the person acting on your behalf.

Please find on this page the list of our services with corresponding fees. Always check if you are not subject to one of the payment exceptions.

Only payments of the full amount with clear indication of the information as above, will be accepted. In the event of announcement of modification of fees by the Belgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the difference will have to be adjusted or refunded.


For following services the proof of payment can be sent by mail, together with the application:

  • ID-card for Belgian citizens
  • Certificates for Belgian citizens
  • Passports for Belgian citizens under the age of 6
    ATTENTION: Only Belgians which are registered at the Embassy can apply for a passport.



12 Jul

Minister for Foreign Affairs and Defence, Philippe Goffin, welcomes the compromise reached by the members of the United Nations Security Council, which extends the "cross-border" mechanism aimed at providing humanitarian assistance to the Syrian people for 12 months via the Bab al-Hawa border point. However, the possibilities for delivering humanitarian aid through Bab al-Salam need to be improved.

11 Jul

July 11, 2020 marks the 25th anniversary of the beginning of the Srebrenica genocide. It was on July 11, 1995 that the town of Srebrenica fell into the hands of Bosnian-Serb forces led by General Ratko Mladic. In the days that followed, in less than a week they abducted and murdered more than 8,000 people, mostly men and teenagers, simply because they were Bosniacs.

04 Jul

The COVID-19 crisis has shaken up all habits and forced everyone to review certain operating modes. This was also the case for the FPS Foreign Affairs, where teleworking was the rule, even though it had to carry out one of its fundamental tasks: assisting Belgians abroad. Not simple when the crisis was worldwide: “It is as if you had 200 earthquakes and many aftershocks at the same time, including in Belgium”, says Minister Goffin.

02 Jul

The Minister for Foreign Affairs, Philippe Goffin (MR) states that: "Following the adoption on 30 June of the European recommendation which gradually authorises non-essential travel from some 15 countries outside the European Union, Belgium has begun consultations with experts from the public services concerned with a view to achieving a cautious reopening of its borders".

02 Jul

Minister of Foreign Affairs and Defense Philippe Goffin welcomes the adoption on Tuesday, June 30, 2020 of new conclusions of the Council of the European Union concerning the relationship between the European Union (EU) and Africa, to which Belgium has actively contributed and which will serve as a basis for discussions with a view to redefining our relationship with our African partners.