Belgian passport

Information on the Belgian passport.

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Form request Kids-passport below 6 years

→ For < 6 years the request can be sent by courier/post with a pass photo and a proof of payment

Form request Kids-above 6 years and adults passport

→ You have to come in person, bring your application form / passport copy and pay at the counter by credit card

If you loose your passport please contact the police station of your residence area in the UAE to obtain a loss/theft report and email it to the embassy prior your appointment.

Where requesting a passport?

Belgian compatriots registered in the consular registers can request the passport:

  • in the consular post of registration
  • in another consular post (where the biometric data can be taken) and the papsport can be collected in the same post of application.
  • in the Belgian municipality where they were last registered
  • their Belgian municipality of birth if they did not live in Belgium but were born there
  • a Belgian municipality of their choice if they have never lived in Belgium and were not born there either

When to come in person for the request of a passport?

1. Above 6 years

The person must be personally present at the counter and an appointment must be made via the online appointment system

2. Below 6 years

The request can be sent via the post or via courier.

We do not accept passports’ requests that are sent via mail.

Documents for the request of a passport

  • application form: duly completed and signed.
    In case of children below 18 years old the application form should be signed by both parents.
  • 1 passphoto:  for newborns and kids below 6 years old.
    • format 45 x35 mm
    • uniform background and light color
    • neutral expression on face and closed mouth
    • face has to look straight into the camera (an inclined position is not accepted)
    • original passport photo of photograph (no self-printed photo)
    • Please do not stick the photo on the form with glue. The photo must be attached to the form by a paper clip.

Duration to obtain a passport

The procedure for a new passport takes 8 to 10 calendar days. You will receive an e-mail once the new passport is ready at the Embassy.

A passport for a newborn takes proximately 15 working days.

Price for the application for the passports

Below 18 years old:
Passport of 34 pages143.50 AED
Passport of 66 pages: 861 AED

Above 18 years old: 
Passport of 34 pages307.50 AED
Passport of 66 pages: 984 AED         

Payment mode

1. Transfert

On the account of the Embassy at any branch of the FAB. 

Mainly for applications from persons under 6 years (these can be sent by post or courier). You must also attach a copy of the proof of payment with the photo and ID application form.

2. Bank information:


Bank information





UAE, Abu Dhabi, One NBAD Tower,
Sheikh Khalifa Street

Account Name


Account Number






Account Currency



3. Credit card

At the counter, for applicants older then 6 who have to present themselves direct at the counter.


Collection of passports from the Embassy

Once the new passports arrive you will receive an email with instructions on the procedure to follow for collection of your new passport.

!!! Contrary to the information on the form, we would like to point out that due to security reasons, passports will not be sent by the post itself. You need to arrange a courier service or to book an appointment to come by yourself for the collection of your passport PLEASE REMIND TO BRING THE OLD PASSPORT WITH YOU.

More information

For further information please visit the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website